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All about pliers and handles archive

Pliers grip, position, tighten, loosen and cut certain metal elements. Learn about five types of pliers: Slip pliers, water pump pliers, pipe pliers, locking pliers, and needle-nose pliers.

From DIY jobs to professional applications, the proper use of pliers makes these tasks more efficient. Although pliers are among the essential tools, you should have on hand in your toolbox, if you use the “wrong” pliers, you may not get the job done. For example, it is not a good idea to use pliers without a cutting function if you are trying to cut a wire. Each pair of pliers has its specific functions, so you must prepare pliers that meet the requirements of your job.

It is said that there are more than 30 types of pliers, some of which have multiple functions to handle a wide range of tasks, while others are designed exclusively for a specific application. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 10 of the most common pliers you should know about when performing technical work of any kind.

Pliers parts – the absolute basics you should know

Before we move on to the primary topic, it’s essential to understand pliers and their parts and functions, especially if you’re a novice DIYer. Pliers usually consist of a metalworking end, a pair of handles, and a center where the working tip and handles are connected. While the uses of pliers vary depending on the task, their commonly mentioned features are cutting, turning, gripping, positioning, tightening, loosening, and clamping. 

The working point of the pliers is usually referred to as the jaw or nose (red circle). Pliers have flat and serrated jaws for a more secure and firm grip, while some types also have blades for cutting objects. Some pliers also have a pipe handle (orange square), an indentation on each side of the jaw for gripping round materials such as wire or pipe. The tips of the jaws are square or conical.

The connecting part of the pliers is called the pivot (yellow circle): a part that allows the jaws and handles to open or close to perform the intended function of the pliers. Some pliers have a movable pivot to adjust the opening range of the jaws.

The handles (blue circle) are the parts you hold in your hand. They are either straight or curved and are often covered with plastic or resin to fit your hand well. It is said that the longer the handles are, the more leverage they have. In other words, pliers with long handles allow you to do work with less force. Some handles also have insulation to allow you to perform electrical work safely.

Ten standard types of pliers

1. BlueSpot 3 Pce soft-grip Plier Set

BlueSpot 3 Pce soft grip Plier Set


The BlueSpot 3 Piece Plier Set is drop forged with induction hardened edges for increased durability. Features soft grip vinyl handles for increased comfort. 150mm / 6″ Long Nose Plier. 150mm / 6″ Side Cutting Plier. 175mm / 7″ Combination Plier.

2. Clarke CHT352 3-Pce Lock Grip Plier Set

Clarke CHT352 3-Pce Lock Grip Plier Set


A set of three lock grip pliers is always useful for general maintenance and repairs, especially on worn or stubborn fittings which otherwise are difficult to shift. Handy for builders plumbers and mechanics. Sizes: 5″ curved jaw, 10″ curved jaw, 6″ long nose part curved jaw. Precise screw adjustment with powerful leverage ensures maximum grip. Each fitted with a quick-release lever.

3. Toolzone 4Pc Black Locking Plier Set


Toolzone 4Pc Black Locking Plier Set. 5″ & 7″ Curved Jaw, 6″ Long-Nosed & 10″ Straight Jaw. Drop Forged Heat Treated Steel With Serrated Jaws. Adjustable Tension And Quick Release Action Jaws.

4. US Pro 4 Pc Long Reach Plier Set


US Pro 4 Pc Long Reach Plier Set. Set Contents: 1 x 90 Degree Long Reach Angle Pliers. 1 x 45 Degree Long Reach Angle Pliers. 1 x 10 Degree Long Reach Offset Pliers. 1 x Straight Long Reach Pliers. Length: 275mm (Approx).

5. US Pro 4Pc 7″ NI-FE Finish Circlip Plier Set in Zip Case


US Pro 4Pc 7″ NI-FE Finish Circlip Plier Set in Zip Case. 1 x Straight External Pliers. 1 x Straight Internal Pliers. 1 x Bent External Pliers. 1 x Bent Internal Pliers. Size: 175mm.

6. Clarke PRO97 5-Pce Professional Pliers Set


A varied and useful selection of five professional quality pliers suitable for trade users and others who enjoy using top-quality tools. Insulated handle grips for everyday comfort and protection. Combination pliers 179mm ( 7″ ). Long nose pliers 152mm ( 6″ ). Diagonal side cutter 152mm ( 6″ ). Stripping pliers 152mm ( 6″ ). Water pump pliers 254mm ( 10″ ). All are contained in a convenient storage case.

7. US PRO 4Pc Locking Pliers Set


US PRO 4Pc Locking Pliers Set. Contains 1 x Curve Jaw – 5″ (125mm) approx. 1 x Straight Jaw – 6.5″ (160mm) approx. 1 x Curved Jaw – 7″ (175mm) approx. 1 x Curved Jaw – 10″ (250mm) approx. Comes complete with a Handy storage wrap.

8. Clarke CHT116 3-Pce Lock Grip Pliers Set


Always useful in difficult situations where conventional tools may be unable to provide a strong enough hold. The serrated oval jaws are adjusted to provide an exceptionally strong grip on all manner of objects. 3 sizes: – 5″, 7″ & 10″.

9. Clarke CHT110 3-Pce Plier Set


A handy 3-piece set of pliers covering a wide range of uses, these are essentials for any tool kit. 175mm Linesman Combination pliers. 150mm long nose pliers. 50mm side cutters. All pliers have drop forged hardened jaws.

10. Neilsen Fuel Feed Pipe Pliers


For the Removal and Replacement of Fuel Line Connectors on In-Line Fuel Filters. Suitable for Alfa, Audi, Fiat, Lancia, Volvo, Volkswagen, and many other Models.

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