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Benefits of air tools, how to use them, what and where to buy them

Tools make work easier and are necessary to have in order to complete the job quickly.  It is the tire of our life, with the potential to alter the very standard of living.

This article will talk about the best air tools for different tasks around the house. These include the best air impact wrench, pneumatic nailer, pneumatic stapler, pneumatic rivet gun, and many more. Air tools are useful for the average home maintenance and repair work.

Some of the advantages offered by air-powered tools include:

  • High energy density makes for less fatiguing operations.
  • Cooler air tools don’t create any heat during use.
  • Clean compressed air doesn’t pose any danger of causing fires or electrical shocks.

This blog post is on the benefits of air tools, how to use them, what and where to buy them. Hope you enjoy this article and find it useful!

Some air tools to recommended

1. Clarke Bandit 4 – 8 Litre Air Compressor Nailing/Stapling Kit

The Clarke Bandit IV 8 liter portable compressor is ideal for DIY and trade applications such as decking, carpentry, flooring, fencing, paneling, craftwork, etc. thanks to its impressive 8 liter capacity 4.5cfm air displacement and 8bar maximum working pressure. This compact compressor is also ideal for paint spraying, tire inflation blowing, etc. This great value kit comes complete with not only the quality Bandit IV compressor, but it’s also supplied with lightweight high performance, and easy-to-use Air Nailer/Stapler, perfect for a wide range of applications. The kit also provides users with a recoil hose, fittings, and a starter pack of nails and staples to get them going straight out of the packaging. 750W – 230V Compressor. Automatic on/off control – air pressure regulator. 8-liter receiver capacity – 4.5cfm air displacement – 8bar maximum working pressure. Complete with air nailer/stapler kit, recoil hose and fittings, and a starter pack of nails and staples. Air gun capacity: 18 gauge nails up to 50mm and type 90 narrow crown staples up to 40mm.

2. Clarke CAT137 X-Pro Professional 3/8″ Keyless Reversible Air Drill

Professional 3/8″ Keyless Reversible Air Drill. A professional precision-engineered air-powered drill. The comfortable soft handle grip and lightweight compact design make it ideal for general workshop or garage use. Attractive red/black and aluminum finish. Clarke XPro air tools are a superb new range of top-quality professional tools built for tough daily use in garages. Keyless 3/8″ chuck. Reversible. Side handle.

3. Clarke CAT169 1/2″ BSP In-line Automatic Drain Air Filter

Auto Drain Air Filters are one of the most important auto parts for your car. If you want to learn about how this Auto Drain Air filter works or if you want to buy one, you can see this. It’s really simple to install, you just need to read the manual that comes with it.

The CAT169 in-line filter with an automatic drain removes moisture from air supplies. Max Supply Pressure: 14.7Bar (213psi). Max Outlet Pressure: 9.7Bar (141psi). Max Flow Rate: 110CFM at 6.2Bar (90psi). Filtration: 5 microns. Connectors: 2 x 1/2″ BSP. Includes 1 x 1/2″ BSP male to male connector. Drain: Automatic.

4. Clarke X-Pro CAT131 1/2″ Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench


The Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench is one of the best tools you can use in your workshop. It can loosen or tighten almost anything, you can use it on cars, screws, bike chains and more. It will help you get your job done quickly and easily.

Powerful twin hammer action. 500ft/lb of power loosens the tightest of nuts with ease. Variable speed trigger & air regulator power control. Handle exhaust limits the circulation of brake dust on wheels. Clarke XPro air tools are a superb new range of top-quality professional tools built for tough daily use in garages. 1/2″ Square Drive. Max Speed 7000rpm. Max air pressure 6.2bar (90psi). Max torque 680Nm (500ft-lb). Air consumption on load (6.2bar) 18cfm. Average no load air consumption 6.5cfm. Variable speed actuation trigger and air regulator power control. Tough reinforced aluminum housing for increased durability. Heavy-duty twin impact hammer mechanism. Exhaust under pistol grip handle. Requires 10mm bore hose.

5. Clarke Long Bed Air Sander – CAT49


If you’re planning on replacing your old sander, or if you’re just looking for a new one, then this article is for you! I’m going to take you through all the ins and outs of sanders, and I’m going to help by showing you the one that I have found to be the best.

For large area sanding. Operating pressure 6.2bar. Air consumption 8cfm. Maximum speed 2,500rpm. Smooth twin pistol action. Pad size 70 x 445mm.

6. Clarke Filter Regulator & Lubricator – CMF2

This triple-action inline unit conditions a compressed air supply for use with air tools, pneumatic cylinders, and similar equipment. Firstly the supply is filtered of moisture and impurities, then pressure regulated before being dosed with a fine airborne lubricant. Maximum airflow 35 cm. Maximum input pressure 15 bar (225psi). 1/4″ BSP connections on either side.

7. Am-Tech 1/2″ Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench


The air impact wrench has become a common tool for automotive repairs. Whether you’re personally doing the repairs or working in a shop, it’s a handy tool to have. In this article, we’re going to talk about air impact wrenches and what you need to know about them.

Am-Tech 1/2″ Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench? Delivers a maximum torque of 310Nm 230ft/lbs. Protective PVC guard. Average air consumption 5 CFM. Recommended air pressure 90 PSI. 1/4″ air inlet. Free speed 7000 RPM. Forward/reverse facility. Well-balanced ergonomic design for continuous use. Ideal for garage, body shop, and workshop use.

8. Silverline Air Framing Nailer 90mm 10 – 12 Gauge

Today we are going to show you a product called the “Air Framing Nailer 90mm 10 – 12 Gauge”.

Powerful nailer that fires 50-90mm 34° paper collated, clipped head nails. Accepts 10-12 gauge nails. Magazine capacity 90pce. The cut-out feature prevents empty firing. Lightweight magnesium housing. Adjustable penetration depth. For roof framing, fencing, decking, and flooring. No-mark tip protects work surface. Includes 1/4″ male quick connector.


9. Clarke CAT118 Air Sabre Saw

The Clarke CAT118 Air Sabre Saw is the most powerful saber saw that Clarke has ever built. It’s filled with amazing, brand-new features that you’ve never seen before. In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at this amazing air saber saw and all the great features it offers.

Produces neat and clean edges and can reach places a grinder can’t. Ideal for cutting body panels, exhausts, plastics. 8mm stroke length. 255mm overall length. Maximum speed: 5000 strokes/min. Operating pressure: 90psi / 6.2bar. Average air consumption: 6cfm / 170 litres/min.

10. Neilsen CT1092 15PC Air Die Grinder Kit

This is the best air die grinder that you can get for this low of a price. It is designed for any sort of grinding or cutting you can imagine. This tool is definitely worth the money and can cut through almost anything.

15pc 1/4 inch Air Die Grinder Kit. Air consumption – 5cfm. Max air pressure – 90 psi. No-load speed – 2200rpm. BSP air inlet – 1/4″. 5pc Accessories – 1/8″ mounted grinding stones. 5pc 1/4″ mounted grinding stones. 1 x 1/8″ collet. 2 x collet wrenches.

Wrap Up

In closing, air tools are not very expensive in terms of the complete set. This means that anyone can make a wise investment in purchasing their own variety of air tools. If you live on a farm or near machinery, it is likely that you will find the benefits of air tools to be priceless. However, if you just plan to take on jobs around the house or small projects at the garage, your investment may prove to be beyond your needs; out of necessity for saving money at every turn. As long as you invest your time and money into prudent purchases from reliable companies, you can use these products for many years to come and have great satisfaction from their long-lasting quality.

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