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Three ways water pumps can help you in your daily life

We offer a massive selection of water pumps, as they are used for an incredible variety of purposes. We are proud to provide customers around the world with these vital devices. In today’s blog, we’d like to highlight a few aspects of daily life that depend on water pumps.

1. Heating and hot water

It may come as a shock, but several heating systems rely on water pumps. Many radiators use circulating pumps to move hot water through the unit’s pipes, allowing it to reach the desired temperature. These circulating pumps are also often used to supply hot water to your faucets.

You are likely using a circulating pump whenever you use a non-electric radiator or turn on your hot water faucet. If the pump in your radiator or hot water system needs to be replaced, you should contact us today.

2. Bringing water into your home

Water pumps aren’t just used to circulate the water in your home’s pipes: they’re also responsible for making sure the water reaches your home. Water must travel from a central or backup line to each home through an enormously complex piping system. Pumps must be used in this system to keep the water moving and ensure that it reaches you the moment you need it.

3. Gardening

Sprinklers and garden irrigation systems work with water pumps to ensure water gets to your garden at the correct pressure and in the right amount. If you’re passionate about gardening, you’ve probably used a water pump without realizing it.

What is the purpose of water pumps?

The primary purpose of a water pump system is to move water from one area to another. They are usually used on construction sites to extract water and help remove water from excavation work, sewage treatment plants, flood plains, or water and oil wells.

However, water pumps are not limited to construction sites but can also be used in residential, industrial, or commercial areas for drainage. A water pump is required for water pumping system rental. A water pump drives the water pumping machine and keeps it running effectively.

Which water pump do I need?

When looking for the best water pump for your job, you need to consider the size of the job, the scope of the job, and the distance needed. All of these factors can determine which water pump system you need.

Water pump systems often have different hose lengths, so pay attention to the distance you need to cover, which is crucial when dewatering a well or doing soil drainage work. Using a pump with a large head is a good option for long distances.

Choosing the right water pump also depends on the location. There may be noise restrictions when operating in built-up or residential areas so a silenced water pump would be optimal. However, if there is a height difference between the pump and the liquid, a submersible pump would be the best solution.

Different types of water pumps 

Pumping water is a practical and straightforward technique that is far more practical than scooping with your hands or lifting a hand bucket. There is a variety of water pumps for different purposes and needs. This article will review the various applications of water pumps in agriculture, waste management, flood control, and industry.

Here is the list of different types of water pumps

1. Clarke 1″ Submersible Water Pump – Hippo 2- 230V


Clarke 1″ Submersible Water Pump – Hippo 2- 230V


The Hippo 2 offers high performance at a low price, ideal for home and garden use this great submersible water pump will pump within 3.2mm of the floor (when initially set in water 12.75mm deep or more and the pump mud pack has been removed) and is suitable for 1/2″ – 1″ flexible hose. For domestic purposes, this submersible water pump is perfect for clearing flooded cellars, trenches, swimming pools, etc. Max. flow rate 85 liters/min. Maximum head (lift height) 6m.

Can pump to within 3.2mm of the floor (when initially set in water 12.75mm deep or more and pump mud pack has been removed). Thermal overload protection. Tough non-corrosive polypropylene pump body. Complete with 1/2″, 3/4″ & 1″ hose adaptor & 10m waterproof cable. 250 Watts, 230V.

2. Clarke CPP3000B Drill Powered Pump



Compact lightweight electric drill powered pump, ideal for transferring light liquids such as freshwater, seawater, dilute organic solvents, insecticides & liquid fertilizers. Robust plastic body and stainless steel internal parts avoid corrosion. Fits all portable electric drills (350W min, 2000 – 3000rpm operating speed). Flow rate – 40 to 50 ltr/min max. (reduced if filter used) at 28psi. Max. suction height 2m, Max. outlet (pumping) head 15m. Pumps water between 5 & 60 Degree C. Uses with 19mm (¾”) inside diameter hose.

PLEASE NOTEThis product is not suitable for transferring flammable liquids.

3. Clarke Float Switch with 2m Cable (230V)



For use with many submersible and surface mounted electric water pumps. This float switch turns a manual water pump into an automatic one turning it on or off according to the water level.

4. Clarke PSV3A 400W Dirty Water Submersible Pump with Float Switch (230V)




Ideal for heavy-duty draining applications including pits, sumps, ditches, footings, etc. Shifts both clean and dirty water including particles up to 35mm dia. Fitted with a float switch for automatic water level control. The stepped adaptor fitting allows for connection of 32 mm (1,1/4″), 25 mm (1″), or 19 mm hoses which should be secured with a hose clamp.

Max flow rate 133 l/min. Max Head (lift height) 8m. 400W, 230V induction motor with overload protection. Made from tough, non-corrosive & rust-proof materials. 1,1/2″ BSP threaded pump outlet. Includes elbow and outlet reducer adaptors. Integral carry handle for easy transportation.

5. Clarke PVP11A Submersible Dirty Water Pump with Float Switch (230V)




A heavy-duty submersible pump suitable for draining pits, sumps, ditches, footings, etc. Can be used for both clean and dirty water applications including water with particles up to 35mm dia. Includes a fitted float switch for automatic water level control. Stainless steel pump body & motor case. Max flow rate 258 l/min. Max Head (lift height) 11m. 1100W, 230V induction motor with overload protection. 1 1/2″ BSP threaded pump outlet. Includes elbow and outlet reducer adaptors.

6. Clarke SPE1200SS 1″ Self Priming Stainless Steel Pump



This robust stainless steel pump is built for home or general industrial use thanks to the self-priming design and corrosion & rust-resistant construction. Maximum output: 61l/min. Maximum head: 46m. 1200Watt 230V motor. Self-priming. Corrosion and rustproof construction. Includes 1output elbow, integral carry handle, electric cable with plug, and waterresistant on/off switch. Dimensions (LxWxH): 348mm x 218mm x 243mm.

 7. Silverline Water Butt Pump 400W



400W pump for use in water butts and other large water containers. 1/2″ quick-connect pump outlet for use with conventional garden hose connectors. Max pumping height 12m. Max pumping capacity 3811ltr/hr. Max depth 8m. Max grain size 3mm. Supplied with 10m of cable.

In everyday situations, the available water is often contaminated, unhealthy, or even inherently toxic, making it necessary to pump drinking water from deeper layers to higher layers where it can be of use.

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