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What are 6 different types of screwdrivers?

What are the different kinds of screwdrivers, and what are they utilized for?

There are various screwdrivers, yet they all make the same point. A screwdriver is a tool with a short handle. The manage can be made of timber, plastic, or metal. Some screwdrivers have blades on end to help you enter limited places.

Others have dealt so you can utilize your hands extra typically. There are also unique devices such as Phillips, Torx, and flathead screwdrivers. These special tools are used for specific objectives. For instance, Phillips screwdrivers are created to fit Phillips screws.

The most usual type of screwdriver is the conventional house screwdriver. These can generally be discovered in any equipment store. There is generally an option of screws such as Phillips, slotted, hexagonal, square, and even T-handled screws. It works well with virtually any screw, so if you need to get rid of a screw stuck for an extended period, this is the most effective option.

Adjustable screwdrivers come in various sizes and designs, so they’re optimal if you intend to alter screws or various other accessories without acquiring a new outlet every time. They additionally make changing light bulbs much easier than using a regular screwdriver. The following step up from a regular screwdriver is the flexible screwdriver.

One more option is a ratchet. Wrenches are ideal for tightening nuts and bolts when power is not available. It is also simple to tighten several bolts at the same time. If you’re doing a car repair task, you’ll most likely need among these.

Finally, a special screwdriver, such as a Phillips screwdriver. They have their particular pointers to fit different screw head forms. They can be used to turn screws that regular screwdrivers can’t fit.

1. Flathead screwdriver

Blend Swap | Flathead Screwdriver

Screwdriver dimensions are provided by the shank’s length and the head’s size. The idea dimension shows flat blade screwdrivers, and also, there are various sizes of screwdriver shanks. It is excellent to buy a set of screwdrivers and keep a few requirements and statistics screwdrivers in your toolbox. These are optimal for constructing furniture or repairing covers to electrical button plates.

2.Pozidriv screwdriver

Pozi #2 Phillips Screw Driver | Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Pozdriv drive. This screwdriver is considered to be an upgraded version of the Phillips screwdriver. It is designed to reduce the driver’s protruding risk when high pressure is applied.

A screwdriver with four shallow lines radiating out from the center. This increases the contact with the screw head, allowing it to be turned with greater force and without the risk of the screwdriver falling off. The tip is more minor and blunter than a Phillips screwdriver, and there are ribs between the blades.

The Pozdriv screwdriver system is very effective. In addition, the screw head and screwdriver head are less likely to break when turned with the correct amount of force. These screwdrivers are usually available in 1-3 sizes.

3 .Phillips screwdriver

Stanley - #1, 6-3/4" OAL, Standard Phillips Screwdriver - 06614556 - MSC  Industrial Supply

One of the most typical screw drive systems is the Phillips screw. Created by American designer John P. Thompson, this system has a high torque ability that allows fast and easy installment. A cross-shaped pattern identifies Phillips screws at the point where the screwdriver is inserted.


Raxxess Pin Torx Bit (Star with Center Post), Model PNTX-B

Hex sockets, likewise known as Torx outlets, are identified by a star-shaped projection at the end, with six projections and a rounded idea. This star-shaped head offers highly high torque throughout the installation. Torx wrenches are made to enhance torque. They are generally used in the manufacturing process of digital tools such as computer system components.

5 Hexagonal screwdriver.

Hex Screwdriver Socket Wrench Tool Set,HSS M3 M4 Premium Hexagonal  Screw&Socket Drivers - buy Hex Screwdriver Socket Wrench Tool Set,HSS M3 M4  Premium Hexagonal Screw&Socket Drivers: prices, reviews | Zoodmall

Hexagonal screwdrivers are uncommon crossbreed screwdrivers used to tighten screws instead of bolts. It is called a hexagonal screwdriver because it has a hexagonal recess instead of a flange and a cutting edge. Hexagonal screwdrivers have a straight deal, allowing the screw to be turned with just a little clearance. This type of screwdriver is likewise called a hexagonal wrench, or a hexagonal key.

Hexagonal screwdrivers are frequently used for bicycle maintenance and furnishings assembly applications. However, using a two-hand hexagonal screwdriver for these tasks is preferable because a two-hand hexagonal screwdriver can be utilized with greater torque than a slim screwdriver.

6. Double hex

uxcell 7mm L Shaped Double Ended 6 Point Hex Socket Axle Nut Wrench for Car  - -

In addition to the solitary hexagonal shaft, the double-helical shaft is one more typical screw drive. Dual hex screws are identified by having two collections of hexagonal protrusions at the end. The doubling of the ridges enables

Raised torque throughout installation can be achieved. However, double-headed screws have the drawback that their heads often tend to slip and break faster than other screws with different drive systems.

How do I pick the right screwdriver size?

Always start by selecting the appropriate size screwdriver. Extra significance is often considered an advantage. However, this is not constantly the instance. The smaller sized the diameter of the screw, the larger the screwdriver should be. So, if you are replacing a cleaning maker, you might require a small screwdriver. However, changing the locking nut on a door hinge will undoubtedly require a larger one.

The size of the screwdriver can be identified by considering the pointer of the screw to be eliminated. If the head of the screw is vast enough, you can utilize a small screwdriver. Nonetheless, you will need a larger screwdriver if the head is slim.

If you are uncertain of the size of the screwdriver, you can measure the head of the screw. Hold the screwdriver over the screw and look under the deal. Measure the range from the top of the handle to the suggestion of the screw. This dimension will undoubtedly offer you an idea of the size of the screwdriver you require to make.

Exactly how do I understand which screwdriver to utilize?

There are several points to think about when picking the appropriate screwdriver. First of all, you need to choose the correct screwdriver according to the dimension of the screw. As an example, if you get rid of a 1/2″ x 5″ wood screw from a 2×4 item of wood, you will undoubtedly need a screwdriver that fits in that hole; a 3/8″ x 4″ timber screw will need a slightly larger screwdriver.

Next, select the ideal screwdriver for the material you are dealing with. Drilled screws require a flathead screwdriver, while steel screws need a flathead screwdriver.

Finally, the screwdriver must be picked according to your personal choice. Some people like the feel of a screwdriver with a wood deal, while others like the simplicity of using a screwdriver with a plastic deal.

The type of screwdriver depends on what you mean to utilize it for.

For example, if you are setting up a ceiling follower, you will undoubtedly require a lengthy expansion cord. This suggests you will undoubtedly require a screwdriver with extensive take care.

If you set up a light fixture, you will need a short extension cable. The length of this cord establishes the size of the screwdriver utilized to install the light.

You will undoubtedly require a screwdriver with a versatile deal if you mount a ceiling. This will certainly permit you to get involved in limited spaces.

When drilling holes in plasterboard, you will require a drill bit designed.

If you work in confined rooms, such as under cabinets, you will require a unique tool.

If you use an electric screwdriver, you will certainly also need a charger.

It is recommended that you have the proper size for the job.

The first thing to think about is the size of the screw: if you are getting rid of a 1/2″ screw from 2×6 material, you may intend to find a screwdriver that fits flawlessly in this opening. If nonetheless, you are removing a 3/16 inch screw from a 2×4, you will certainly require something a lot more substantial.

The material of the screw is additionally a concern. If the screws are constructed from wood, you can usually use a basic woodworking screwdriver. If the screws are constructed from steel, you will need a special screwdriver.

The torque required to remove the screw should additionally be considered. If you require tightening up the screws, you do not need anything unique. However, you will require a spanner if you require to pull the screw out and then back in again.

If you have any concerns, it is best to ask somebody who recognizes more than you

There are several sorts of screwdrivers. The most usual ones are as adheres to.

Screwdriver with a wooden deal with – one of the most straight screwdrivers. Valuable for remote work such as fixing images or hanging drapes.

Flexible Shaft Screw Vehicle Driver 

Screwdriver with flexible shaft – suitable for hard-to-reach locations. The adaptability enables you to enter limited places without risking physical injury.

Battery-powered screwdrivers: Battery-powered screwdrivers are optimal when you need to operate in locations without electrical energy.

Pierce screwdrivers: Pierce little bits are used for piercing openings in materials such as timber and plastic. Pierce screwdrivers are excellent for piercing holes in hard-to-reach locations.

Electric screwdrivers: Electric screwdrivers are the electric variation of standard screwdrivers. They are perfect for large jobs as they can tighten screws swiftly.

When setting up racks, as an example, a Phillips screwdriver can be made used to drive screws via the shelves and into the wall.

For larger jobs, a ratchet screwdriver can be utilized. With this type of screwdriver, you can apply pressure by transforming the screwdriver deal with a clockwise or counterclockwise.

Also, a hexagon screwdriver is a great idea. This tool is developed clearly for hex nuts and also bolts.


Buying the screwdriver aisle at the equipment shop can be frightening, especially for the uninitiated. What’s the distinction between a 3/8-inch and a 7/16-inch? Do you require a level head or a Phillips? And do you need a complete collection, or can you use one “universal” model?

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There are dozens of different kinds of screwdrivers-– and even more, appearing all the time as makers develop brand-new kinds of screws. The good news is, there are just a couple of ranges the ordinary homeowner needs to stock.

It is advised to have a complete collection of screwdrivers. A Phillips screwdriver is sufficient for a lot of applications. For more significant tasks, a ratchet screwdriver is recommended.

Whether you’re building a home-repair toolbox or simply searching for the right tool for the work, we got you.

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