US PRO 18Pc Pin/Punch Set With Automatic Centre Punch


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US PRO 18pc Pin/Punch Set With Automatic Centre Punch. A high quality set of 18 pin punches manufactured in alloy steel, including a very handy automatic centre punch for making centre holes for drill insertions. Gnarled handles on both the automatic and pin punches gives extra grip. Well presented in a handy carry bag with separate pockets for each pin. Sizes of pin punches in mm: 9.5 x 200mm, 8 x 200mm, 6 x 200mm, 5 x 200mm, 4 x 200mm, 3 x 200mm, 2.5 x 200mm, 1.5 x 200mm, 1.5 x 100mm, 2.5 x 100mm, 3 x 100mm, 4 x 100mm, 5 x 100mm, 5.5 x 100mm, 6 x 100mm, 8 x 150mm, 9.5 x 150mm.

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