US-PRO 3 Pc HSS Steel Step Drill Set


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US Pro 3 Pc HSS Steel Step Drill Set, 118 Split Point 4-32mm. Fully polished and made from 4241 HSS Steel and very aggressive 118 degree split point allowing you to drill holes into thin material such as steel, copper, aluminium or plastic with ease. Specifications: No.1. 4-12mm Hole Sizes in 2mm increments. No.2. 4-22mm Hole Sizes in 2mm increments. No.3. 4-32mm Hole Sizes in 2mm increments. Shank sizes: No.1 – 6mm, No.2 – 8mm, No.3 – 10mm. Features: Two Fluted Cutting Edges for Faster Smoother Cuts. Made of High Grade High Speed Steel. Angle: 118 Degree Split Point. Heat Treated and Highly Polished. Drills Perfectly Round Holes in Steel, Brass, Plastic Wood etc. Titanium Coated to Reduce Friction and Heat. Embossed metal box.

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