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A guide for garages. What kind of jack stands should I buy?

Every garage has a jack. You require them to support the cars and truck when you need to deal with something under it, as this demand can be relatively frequent, relying on how you drive. Because they are so easy to use, there is no reason why you can’t have a jack in your garage. With many products on the market, you might be perplexed about choosing one. As a result, this web page will present you with the different sorts of jacks and their characteristics.

Kinds of jack

We took a look at over 50 designs to discover which ones were worthwhile. As a result, three sorts of stand stuck out

1. Steel stands

12 ton Steel Jack Stands

Steel stands are commonly considered the most resilient choice; however, they are likewise one of the most expensive. They are a suitable option if you want to conserve cash and finish the job.

2. Aluminum braces

Pads For Jack Stand, 2 Pc.

These lightweight aluminum braces are typically cheaper and also lighter than steel brackets. They are perfect for those trying to find an economical solution.

3. Composite brackets

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These brackets are commonly located on luxury vehicles. They are light as well as have a charming appearance. Nevertheless, they don’t last as long as various other designs.

3) Ground jacks

Ground jacks (additionally referred to as “ground jack systems” or “pneumatic ground jacks”). This is the most affordable option and functions by pumping air into a blow-up bladder to raise the automobile off the ground. Jacks have been available in various dimensions and strengths yet are usually not recommended for vehicles evaluating more than 3,000 lbs. They likewise have a minimal lifting ability.

4) Jack stands on wheels

These are usually used for more oversized vehicles such as vehicles, SUVs, and vans. Electric motors or hydraulic pumps typically drive wheel jacks.

5) Vehicle cranes

An engine hoist is a gadget that utilizes hydraulic pressure to lift and reduce hefty engines. They are frequently used for large business vehicles such as rubbish vehicles and discard trucks.

6) Tilt able jack stands

These stands allow the automobile to be lifted flat without utilizing tools. It is connected to the vehicle framework and lifted until it is horizontal. Once elevated, the jack stands can be easily removed from the vehicle.

7) Jack stands

Jack stands to resemble turning stands, except two people must operate them. A single person lifts one end of the automobile, and the other individual grabs the other. No special devices are needed for this technique, yet two individuals must do it.

8) Wedge jack

The wedge jack is used to raise the lorry from the side. It includes a metal base attached to the ground and also a collection of wedges attached to the base. When the car is put on the base, the wedges engage the underside of the car as well as lift it.

How to choose a jack

There are many variables to consider when purchasing a brand-new set of jack stands. Bellow’s what you require to understand before you acquire.

1. Lots of ability

The lot capacity of each version depends on its size. As they are developed for heavy loads, they may not be able to carry the maximum weight on the cars and trucks. If you intend to utilize your jack often, you must pick a jack with a high tons capacity.

2. Size

The jack size depends upon the car you plan to serve. For example, you don’t require an enormous stand if you have a small SUV, car, or truck. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a large truck, you might require a lot more substantial stands.

3. Materials

You will find that some places are constructed from metal, and some are made of plastic. Metal stands are typically more potent than plastic stands. Plastic stands do not cause corrosion and also are easy to tidy. They are also much easier to clean and also keep.


It is essential to check that the maker supplies a warranty for their item. This way, you know precisely how much defense you will have if something goes wrong with your jack.

5. Price

There are only two things to consider when it comes to cost. Firstly, do you intend to pay extra for a trademark name? Secondly, do you want to pay even more for a stand that can take care of larger weights?

6. Resilience

Sturdiness is another factor to consider if you mean to utilize your jack routinely. You wish to ensure the stand will stand up gradually.

7. Look

Some individuals like stands that look great. Others like them since they are functional. Whatever your choice, you should pick a style that fits your style.

8. Convenience of use

Lastly, it would certainly help if you considered the convenience of using jacks. Do they call for special tools? Is the setup process made complex?


Whether you operate in your garage at home or have an expert vehicle repair shop, you will require a vast array of tools and accessories. However, as we pointed out, the best jack stands among the crucial devices. These consist of various heavy machinery and smaller-sized tools that are equally important. These various jack stands likewise come with essential details, specs, and in-depth acquiring overviews to assist you in selecting the suitable design.

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If you’re in a thrill to repair your auto, you should have an excellent collection of jack stands in your device collection. They are essential if you want to do virtually any work in your car. The bright side is that, as this post reveals, several high-quality jack stands are budget-friendly. All the jack stands revealed here will offer you well and should last for decades without any problems. So what’s your excuse? Why do not you have a jack stand? This is your opportunity to purchase some, and you honestly should. So if you’re still unsure, you need to get among our finest jack stands.

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