US PRO 16PC T Handle Hex Ball & Torx Set



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US Pro  16PC T Handle Hex Ball and Torx Set. Set Contains: 8 PC Hex Key / Ball Point. Sizes: H2 x 75mm, H2.5 x 75mm, H3 x 100mm, H4 x 100mm, H5 x 150mm, H6 x 150mm, H8 x 200mm, H10 x 200mm. 8 PC Torx. Sizes: T10 x 75mm, T15 x 75mm, T20 x 100mm, T25 x 100mm, T30 x 150mm, T40 x 150mm, T45 x 200mm, T50 x 200mm. Supplied In a Blow moulded carry case.

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