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What is a hand riveter? And what are hand riveters used for?

A hand riveter is a hand-operated tool used for setting blind rivets. This group of tools includes hand-operated and hand-driven and hand-operated and pneumatically driven tools. Both types are used to set blind rivets and operate similarly. The tools increase and lock a hollow rivet by pulling a mandrel through the rivet body. The mandrel is broken off and discarded, leaving the expanded rivet to secure the workpieces.

Hand riveting tools are typically designed for blind rivets and work by pulling the mandrel through the rivet body to expand and secure it. A locking jaw assembly provides this pulling force, and leverage is provided by a set of hand-operated handles or pneumatic pressure. Based on this leverage, the two main categories of hand riveters can be distinguished: The first category is the hand-operated tools that rely on manual mandrel retraction. The secondary hand riveting tools are operated by hand but rely on a source of compressed air to set the rivet.

Types of riveting tools

Hand-operated manual riveting tools typically use one of three types of actuation. The first is the pincer riveter, commonly used for light-duty and lightweight aluminum rivets. These tools have a jaw system that retracts the mandrel of the rivet via a pincer-like handle assembly. To complete the riveting process, the two handles must be squeezed together several times, releasing tension after each closure to move the jaws down on the mandrel. Once the mandrel reaches its pre-tensioned intersection, it breaks off and is ejected from the back of the jaw assembly.

The manual riveter is the second manually operated rivet type and uses a trellis type lever system. The pliers’ assembly is fully extended to open the jaws and position the rivet mandrel. The tong lever is then pressed toward the rivet head, closing the jaws to grip and retract the mandrel. Because of the greater leverage, this tool usually requires only a single operation to set the rivet and break off the mandrel.

Lever and pincer hand riveters are commonly used for heavier steel rivets due to their tremendous mechanical advantage. The lever type is the third standard hand riveter, which resembles a pair of shrub shears. The two long handles or levers are opened to insert the rivet mandrel into the jaws and closed again to secure and retract it. Because of the extensive range of motion covered by the handles, this tool also requires only a single operation to set the rivet.

Although not as commonly used as hand riveters, pneumatic tools are often used in industries requiring high rivet volumes and speeds. These tools are run by hand but rely on a supply of compressed air to retract the jaw mechanism and set the rivets. These tools can be used with the heaviest blind rivets, allowing the operator to perform far more riveting operations in a given time than manual versions. Other refinements of pneumatic hand riveters include rivet cartridges and mandrel catchers that further speed up production.

Here’s the list: Some riveting tools

1. Bergen BER5414 4 in 1 Hand Riveter


The head has 4 different rivet sizes allowing for easy selection of the required size. Spring-loaded handle ejects rivet stem. All steel construction for durability. Aluminium rivets: 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm & 4.8mm. Stainless Steel and Steel rivets: 2.4mm, 3.2mm & 4.0mm.

2. Bergen BER5419 Professional Nut Riveter with 4 Fittings


Bergen Hand Nut Riveter. Hand-operated nut riveter with four head sizes: M3, M4, M5, and M6. Overall Length: 10″ (250mm).

3. Clarke CHT648 Hand Riveter Kit


A comprehensive 66-piece riveting kit for all manner of uses. The hand riveter has powerful lever action arms, a spring-loaded handle, and PVC molded grips. All are housed in a handy carry case. Kit includes a rivet gun. 60 assorted rivets (2.4, 3.3, 3.9, and 4.9mm). four nozzles to suit rivets. nozzle spanner.

4. Clarke CHT878 Hand Riveter with Stem Collection Tank


This Clarke riveter features a heavy-duty grip and a stem collection tank to avoid having to clean up after work. This model also includes 2.4, 3.2, 4.0, 4.8, and 6.4mm nozzles. Heavy-duty grip. Stem collection tank. Includes 5 nozzles.

5. Toolzone Heavy Duty Hand Riveter


This heavy-duty hand riveter has powerful lever action arms, a spring-loaded handle, and PVC molded grips. Uses Rivet Sizes 2.4- 4.8Mm. 265Mm Heavy Duty Steel Construction. Includes 4 Interchangeable Nozzles & Spanner. Sets Blind Rivets By Changing The Quick Switch. Screw For Automatic Ejection Of Mandrel.

6. US PRO Single Hand Nut Riveter Gun


US PRO Single Hand Nut Riveter Gun. Rivet nut size range: M3, M4, M5, M6. Internal fixed sleeve to replace screw easily. Comes with a multi-purpose wrench. Riveting force: 1000N. Length: 200mm (8″).

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